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SamBoad Business Group LLC(SBG) is a registered Financial Aid and tailored business solution provider with subsidiaries that provide unique services in Micro-Credit(Money Lending), Multimedia Consult, Real Estate & Property Management, Business Consultancy, Mobile Money Transfer, Logistics, Courier & Transport, Susu Services,Travel & Education Consult, Supply of General Goods, Import and Export of General Goods, Game Center & Dealer in Electronic Devices, Road & Building Construction,Civil Engineering Works & General Merchant.


SamBoad Business Group's vision is to become enterprises of excellence and most preferred micro-credit services, venture services, travel and study consult, multi-media consult services and other business services firm in West Africa especially Ghana. To be among the first micro-credit firms by 2025 and a dominant business services provider by 2030.


SamBoad Business Group LLC(SBG) team comprises of professionals who can assist in providing business advice and structuring of credit and insurance facilities, consultation in construction & properties, media consultants, logistics and other business services tailored for your business’s working capital requirements.


Our values define who we are.They are the fundamental beliefs that guide our internal conduct as well as our relationship with all stakeholders.These includes:
1) Integrity
2) Respect
3) Self-Belief


By 2040 we shall be the Financial Aid Services, retail and tailored aid business solution providers across Ghana and Africa .Our intention is to BUILD a world-class Financial Aid Services and Business Solution provider of Ghanaian origin.


At SamBoad Business Group LLC we are committed to investing in start-ups and building-from out of Ghana-world class and successfully sustainable businesses and entrepreneurs that would survive generations.In pursuing these ideals, we would not hesitate to venture into the unknown and challenge the barriers


Samuel Kwame Boadu and Jamil Yaw Boadu who work with like-minded investors, stakeholders and agents across the nation, founded SamBoad Business Group LLC.


SamBoad Business Group LLC is a Financial Aid Services and Business Solutions Provider in Ghana.
SamBoad Business Group LLC(SBG) offers services in Micro-Credit, venture services, travel and education consult and Multi-media consult services. All subsidiaries under the trade name SamBoad Business Group LLC(SBG) are individually regulated entities which are each governed by independent professionals, consultants and agents.
Together with its legal entities and investee affiliates, SamBoad Business Group LLC (SBG) is providing services to about 150-200 direct customers, about 3,000 indirect clients, over 35,000 clients data acquisitions, over 40,000 students consultation and 25 contract agents nation wide.

Message from the CEO

SamBoad Business Group Limited has been delivering sustainable profit  growth while building a solid business foundation amidst a challenging operating environment. My mission is to extend this trajectory into the future and turn SamBoad Business Group LLC(SBG) into a leading global company.
In order to overcome these challenges, SamBoad Business Group LLC(SBG) has undergone an organizational transformation that includes initiatives such as globalization, subsidiaries and restructuring. These improvements will enable us to become faster at identifying and addressing shifts in all sectors we delving in. But there is more to be done, and we remain fully committed to strengthening our capabilities and to further evolving the organization going forward. 
It is essential that we align our actions to meet consumer needs. To do that, we think it is important to build upon our current model which affirms our commitment to serve our four valued stakeholder groups; customers, shareholders, employees and the wider society, with our Cherished Customers at its core. 
We are confident that we can exceed expectations of all stakeholders by carefully considering their respective interests. SBG model guides our mission to create, develop and nurture our unique brands and subsidiaries to win customer trust, while understanding and respecting the environment, and the diversity of societies and individuals. 
To this end, we have developed a concrete action plan, called the “SBG Way” : “We are committed to fulfilling the expectations of our customers and behaving responsibly, striving for quality in everything we do, through continuous improvement, and leveraging diversity across subsidiaries of SamBoad Business Group LLC.” 
We are convinced that the “SBG way”, with customers at the heart of all we do, is the right approach to enhancing corporate value in the mid- to long-term and delivering maximum results for all stakeholder groups. 
With the SBG model as a guide, the entire SamBoad Business Group LLC with its subsidiaries strives to fulfill our responsibilities to the best of our abilities, in all that we do. 
We have over 250 agents representing SamBoad Business Group LLC and over 567 representatives for all our subsidiaries . We are all committed to the firm’s mission to help create an affluent society through our expertise in the africa markets and our vision to be the most trusted partner for our customers. 
Guided by our Firm Code of Conduct, we will also continue to uphold our longstanding values of entrepreneurial leadership, teamwork and integrity.
We aim to be a financial aid and tailored business solution group that society needs and our customers trust. We look forward to your continued support
Samuel Kwame Boadu
SamBoad Business Group LLC